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Lithuania Post released Postage Stamps dedicated to the National Minorities of Lithuania, two Stamps will be Released to Honour the Karaites!

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Irma Balakauskaitė, the artist and the author of the new stamps, has used one stamp to depict Seraya Szapszal, a world famous orientalist and founder of the Karaites Museum. Another one features Vilnius Kenesa, the temple of the Karaim people. The both stamps issued in the edition of 40 thousand copies with a nominal value of LTL 2.15. (read more)

published August 19th, 2014

Finland post’s 2014 edition of stamp rolls is decorated with fruit!

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Rating: 3.8/5

The 2014 edition of stamp rolls is decorated with fruit. The Fruit in the Garden stamps feature three delicious homegrown varieties: pear, apple and cherry.

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published March 10th, 2014

Jersey Post & Go is a new generation of self-adhesive stamps that has joined the Post & Go family of products from Royal Mail

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Rating: 2.4/5

Jersey Post & Go is a new generation of self-adhesive stamps that has joined the Post & Go family of products from Royal Mail.  They represent a new and very exciting way to begin or enhance a British stamp collection and the first instalment of the series features the Jersey flag.

(read more)

published March 9th, 2014

Hong Kong post issues two stamps bearing two different postal indications respectively

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Rating: 4.2/5

To facilitate mailers in posting preparation when the new postage rates take effect on October 1, Hongkong Post issues two stamps bearing “Local Mail Postage” and “Air Mail Postage” indications respectively on 1 October 2013.

(read more)

published October 11th, 2013

Heart in nature stamp issue by Swedish Post

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Rating: 4.1/5

The Heart of Nature issue contains stamps that show you care about the recipient of your letter or greeting.

(read more)

published September 11th, 2013

The English Royal Mail – from 1516 AD to Present Day

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The Royal Mail in the UK is one of the most iconic British institutions and as such I thought it would be an idea to write about this great icon. The Royal Mail traces its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts”, a post which eventually evolved into the office of the Postmaster General. The Royal Mail service was first made available to the public by Charles I on 31 July 1635, with postage being paid by the recipient, and the General post office (GPO) was officially established by Charles II in 1660.

Between 1719 and 1763, Ralph Allen, Postmaster at bath, signed a series of contracts with the post office to develop and expand Britain’s postal network. He organised mail coaches which were provided by both Wilson & Company of London and Williams & Company of Bath. The early Royal mail Coaches were similar to ordinary family coaches but with Post Office Livery.

In December 1839 the first substantial reform started when postage rates were revised by the short-lived Uniform Fourpenny Post. Greater changes took place when the Uniform Penny Post was introduced on 10 January 1840 whereby a single rate for delivery anywhere in Great Britain and Ireland was pre-paid by the sender. A few months later, to certify that postage had been paid on a letter, the sender could affix the first adhesive Postage Stamp, the Penny Black that was available for use from 6 May the same year. Other innovations were the introduction of pre-paid William Mulready designed postal stationary letter sheets and envelopes.

(read more)

published February 20th, 2011

Royal Mail announces New Defintive stamps for 2011

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Royal Mail will extend the range of definitive stamps with some new colours which go on sale from 29 March 2011 

There will be four new self adhesive Machins 68p (Sea Green), 76p (Pink), £1.10 (Lime Green), £1.65 (Sage) printed by De La Rue in gravure; these will be available as a First Day Cover (price £5.52) and in a Presentation Pack price (£5.10). 

There will be new 68p and £1.10p Country Definitives for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; these remain gummed stamps and are printed in litho by Cartor. First Day Covers for each Country will be produced (price £2.62) together with a Presentation Pack containing all eight new Country Definitive overseas values (price £7.65).

 In addition the lower ‘make up’ value Machins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p)  which are currently produced as PVA gummed sheets of 200, are being converted to self-adhesive format in sheets of 25, printed gravure.  These will incorporate security slits but no iridescent overprint, and are introduced in Post Office® branches from 8 March.

 Royal Mail has announced its annual stamp price rises which will (read more)

published February 7th, 2011

Law protects Queen’s head on stamps

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Rating: 4.6/5

The appearance of the Queen’s head on postage stamps is to be guaranteed by law after the Government struck a deal with Buckingham Palace to protect the tradition.

A law which will guarantee that the Queen’s head will feature on UK stamps – even if Royal Mail is run by a foreign company, will be passed soon. Royal Mail has always shown the monarch’s image even though there is currently no legal obligation to do so.

According to Ed Davey, the Postal Affairs Minister said that any potential buyer would be “ mad” to drop the monarch’s image, however, the new law would ensure that a “safeguard” is put in place. In the forthcoming sell-off of Royal Mail, leading bids are expected from German and Dutch operators.

Mr Davey held talks with Buckingham (read more)

published January 9th, 2011

Royal Mail to rise 1st Class stamp by 10%

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Rating: 3.9/5

Royal Mail will raise the price of a First class stamp by 5p to 46p, as a part of a wide-range of postal service price increases in the UK.

The operator also announced that Second Class stamps will rise 4p to 36p, whilst the cost of a large letter stamp will rise by 9p to 75p for First Class items and 7p to 58p for Second Class mail, Stamp price rises will take effect from 4 April 2011, the company announced.

Today’s announcement follows Postcomm’s decisions, published on 8 November, when the regulator said Royal Mail could increase the price of stamped mail services by 10% on average and individual stamped mail services by up to 13%. The overall increase to stamped mail prices will add around 7p to the average UK household’s weekly spend of around 60p on postage.

There will also be an increase in prices for franked mail, by 3p to 39p for standard First Class items, and by 3p to 28p for Second Class Mail. This is the first increase for two years on franked mail following a price freeze last year. Moya Greene, Royal Mail’s CEO, said: “We have thought carefully about these increases as we are conscious of the difficult economic circumstances our customers are facing.

“No-one likes to pay more and we regret having had to (read more)

published December 29th, 2010

UK Stamps may rise by up to 5 pence in 2011

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UK-regulator Postcomm has announced plans to give Royal Mail more “commercial freedom” as well as lending support to any future price rises. The move is aimed to provide Royal Mail with a stronger platform in the face of growing competition in the postal market.

Postcomm said that the reform “can no longer wait”.

Under the proposals, Royal Mail could increase prices for a first class stamp by 5p, as well as a 4p rise for second class stamps. The regulator described the final consultations as providing a “lighter touch regulatory regime”, which will aid modernisation and safeguard the provision of the Universal Service.

Moya Greene, Royal Mail Group CEO, said: “I am pleased that Postcomm clearly understands the (read more)

published November 12th, 2010

Thousands of stamps stolen!

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POLICE are appealing for information after thousands of stamps were stolen last weekend.

More than 130,000 second class and US stamps, which were self adhesive and held on large reels, were taken from a local mailing business between October 16 and 17.

Sheets of stamps were also taken and police are appealing for information from businesses and members of the public who might have been offered stamps or anybody who might have purchased a quantity of stamps that match the description.

Anyone with information should contact DC Tuck on 0845 408 7000 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0845 408 7000

published October 20th, 2010