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Royal Mail’s Year Book

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Rating: 4.4/5


Each year since 1984 Royal Mail has brought together in one publication the year’s highlights which have been celebrated on the nation’s special stamps.

 The annual special stamps programme commemorates anniversaries and events of national importance, for example wartime on the home front on Britain Alone stamps, as well as looking forward to future events with the countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The UK’s contribution to the arts, humanities, science and technology is recognised with stamps celebrating Winnie the Pooh, The Royal Society, and Medical Breakthroughs, and ‘the British way of life’ is captured by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Classic Album Covers and Christmas. 

Sought-after as a design classic, and collectable in its own right, the 2010 Yearbook tells the stories behind each special stamp issue, is rich in detail and illustration.

 The subject of each stamp issue is examined from two angles – an overview, to provide context and colour, and a more focused piece, which goes into detail.

 This unique hardback book includes all 15 sets of special stamps issued during 2010 and these can be inserted into clear plastic pockets throughout the book, to create your own luxury memento of the year. 

Lavishly produced and illustrated the new 64pp publication has been written by Jim Davies and designed by hat-trick and is available in two formats: hardcover, in a hand-finished slip-case – excellent value at £85 – and as a luxury leather-bound edition priced at £125, the perfect prestige gift. In addition, each book is individually numbered. 

Also available is the 2010 Yearpack (£80), the 2010 Year of Miniature Sheets Pack (£32) which contains all the Miniature Sheets issued in 2010 in a convenient plastic folder with full liner notes, and the 2010 Presentation Pack Collection (£84). 

The 2010 Yearbook and other annual collections are available to purchase online at www.royalmail.com/stamps

Royal Mail's Year Book, 4.4 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

published October 18th, 2010