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5 Most Expensive stamps ever

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Ever wondered what are the most expensive stamps in the world. All of us a stamp collectors realise that stamp collecting continues to one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Still known as the “Hobby of Kings and Kings of Hobbies” collectorsspend a lot of money to get a rare stamps and many have seen their investments double in value in relative short period of time. The following are expensive stamps but please note that thanks to demand, prices have increased and it could be that new philatelic rarities are discovered so make sure to double check your album pages;  

1. The Three-Skilling Yellow

In 1855 in Sweden someone goofed, printing a three skilling stamp on yellow/orange stock rather than green as it should have been. It is not known how many were printed, but only 1 copy is known to exist.

In 1996 the ‘Tre Skilling Banco yellow’ was sold for $2,300,000.00

Its expected to sell for £5,000,000shortly through auction. The owners have remained anonymous although there has always been a lot of demand for this stamp!

 2. The first two Mauritius

The first two Mauritius stamps (1847) were also the first stamps authorized by any British colonial government. Only one example of the first stamp is known in unused condition, while three unused second stamps are known.

A 1993 auction by David Feldman of the Hiroyuki Kanai collection of Mauritius resulted in numerous record-setting prices, including the sale of one unused example of each of the first two Mauritius issues. The first orange stamp sold for $1,072,260, and the second blue sold for $1,148,850.

 3. The Inverted Jenny

The Inverted Jenny (also known as an Upside Down Jenny or Jenny Invert) is a United States postage stamp first issued on May 10, 1918 in which the image of the airplane in the center of the design was accidentally printed upside-down; it is the most famous error in American philately and probably world philately. An inverted Jenny was sold at a Robert A. Siegel auction in November 2007 for US $977,500.

In December 2007 a mint, never hinged example was sold for $825,000. The broker of the sale said the buyer was a Wall Street executive who lost the auction the previous month. A block of four inverted Jennys was sold at a Robert A. Siegel auction in October 2005 for US$2.7 million. Prices are still rising and this stamp is one of the favourite of collectors worldwide

 4. 1856 One Cent Black on Magenta

The 1856 one-cent “Black on Magenta” of British Guiana is a rectangular stamp of black ink printed on magenta paper with the corners snipped off. With the corners clipped off, the stamp actually has an octagonal shape.

 In an auction, again held by Robert Siegel Galleries in 1970, the stamp was sold for $240,000 to Irwin Weinberg and a group of investors from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. The one-cent Black on Magenta remained in their collection for ten years when John E. du Pont of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bought it at an auction for $935,000. Since then it not officially known if it has been resold at auction unless you have it in your album that is!

 5. U.S. Franklin Z-Grill

U.S. Franklin Z-Grill was published on 1867. This is the rarest of all postage stamps in US. Only found 2 pieces that remain. On 1988, 1 cent “Z-Grill” stamp sold for $ 930,000. Maybe the price much more expensive now.

These stamps are sometime displayed at major stamp exhibtions!

5 Most Expensive stamps ever, 3.9 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

published April 20th, 2010